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A (Fine) New Life for Old Museums

It is an ironic thing that it takes a media flurry about a threatened closure to alert the community to the existence of three great museums in the heart of Shreveport. For years, the Shreveport Water Works Museum, the Spring Street Historical Museum, and the more recently-opened Shreveport Railroad Museum, have operated in relative obscurity. Though they may be little-known, their history—and the stories they tell—are big and powerful. By providing clean water to drink and ample water to fight fires, the steam-powered Victorian-era Water Works led to the development of downtown and the city. The Railroad Museum, located on the grounds of the water works, tells the importance of railroads in the early days of Shreveport, more important even than the river or cotton, or perhaps even oil. The Spring Street Museum, located in arguably the city’s oldest building, uses photographs and found treasures to tell the tale of how a muddy, rough river settlement along the Texas Trail grew from a trading post to a thriving city. All three museums are fascinating places that tell amazing historical stories, and each has their supporters, small but intensely dedicated groups of people. These groups singlehandedly built, stocked and staffed it (Railroad Museum), fundraised and wrote grants to maintain it (Water Works) and raised money, funded displays and donated exhibits (Spring Street) to it. The money from these museums’ ‘friends’...

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Sip, Shop, Sup Downtown

Looking for a place to eat, drink or shop downtown? From Asian stir fry to fresh baked scones and gourmet tacos, we have you covered. Read on and visit them all! Sip and Sup  Abby Singer’s Bistro @ Robinson Film Center – 617 Texas Street. Gourmet Burgers, Caesar Salad, Fabulous Appetizers, Full Bar. See the menu here.  HOURS: Lunch – Tues-Fri, 11-2. Dinner – Tues-Thurs, 5-9; Fri-Sat. 5-10. Bar Opens at 4 Tues-Fri,  4:30 on Sat. Bistro to Go at Regions Tower – 333 Texas Street Award-Winning Burger, Breakfast & Snacks, too! See the menu here.  HOURS: Breakfast – M-F 7:30-9:30; Lunch M-F,...

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Sears Building Texas Street Becomes Lofts @ 624

From Shopping Center to Downtown Renewal When the Feibleman’s store opened on Texas Street in 1925, the streets of downtown Shreveport stood as the center of life, the go-to place, the future. Feibleman’s was grand, but it was one of many. Downtown department stores include M. Levy’s, Rubenstein’s, Montgomery Ward, Palais Royal, Winter’s, and later, JC Penney and Selber Bros. If you needed to shop, downtown was the place to do it. When Feibleman’s opened, it was the first store in Shreveport to offer its own credit card, and the first to have an escalator that went above the...

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The Most Jive Place In All of Shreveport

One of Shreveport’s most treasured buildings, the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, has been home to a number of famous performances over the years. But none as notable as the “Louisiana Hayride.” It’s been nearly 70 years since the “Hayride” made its debut, bringing to life the sounds of the South on the radio and, years later, television.   The Cradle of the Stars The 1940s/50s was a golden era for country and blues music in the South, and the “Hayride” was a major influence for many budding musicians. Every Saturday night, the  public crammed the aisles of the Municipal Auditorium...

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