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Leonidas Polk Spreads Episcopalianism in Louisiana

From Virtue to Violence: Leonidas Polk’s Convergence of God and War Louisiana’s religious sector stems partially from Leonidas Polk’s work of spreading biblical teachings across the state, including making contributions to Episcopalians in Shreveport. Years later, Polk joined the ranks of the Army of the Confederate States of America, fighting the Union to preserve slavery in the South. Check out Polk’s influential presence in Louisiana and how the concept of war became one’s calling from God.    Military Beginnings Polk was born in North Carolina, according to RootsWeb. While he was attending University of North Carolina, he was appointed...

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So Many Opportunities

I have decided that people can be broadly lumped into two categories—those who see opportunities and those who do not. I am a ‘glass half full’ person, always have been and hopefully, always will be. My husband sometimes calls me a ‘Pollyanna’ but nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t find good in everything that happens downtown, and tilting at windmills holds no appeal. Important decisions should always be based on fact, but fact that takes emotion into consideration. Both the cold numbers and the warm fuzzies lead us to know that there are worlds of opportunity in downtown Shreveport. Our downtown is a pretty remarkable place. It is compact enough to be pedestrian friendly, we have a grand promenade in Texas Street, beautiful wide sidewalks throughout. We have a waterfront, a strong art presence, striking modern buildings and beautiful historic ones. We have varied architectural styles, and old painted ‘ghost signs’ advertising products that may or may not still exist. In addition to believing in our opportunities, I also believe in second chances. In Downtown Shreveport we have a lot of candidates for second chances, but on some of them, time is running out. Which building downtown makes you stop and dream? Which one do you think is most deserving of a second...

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