Shreveport Common Market Assessment

In 2013, a grant from The Community Foundation and a broad-ranging partnership that included the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, the City of Shreveport, the Parish of Caddo, JP Morgan/Chase, the Downtown Development Authority and the Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation led to the commissioning of a market analysis of Shreveport Common.


market assessment

Shreveport Common, Downtown’s newest oldest “uncommon” place

PRESS RELEASE giving background on the Market Assessment

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About the Assessment

Shreveport Common is a 9-block art and culture district in the heart of the Downtown Development District, on the western edge of the Central Business District.

This exercise in Creative Placemaking  involved thousands who spoke their minds and listed their wants and desires at events and listening sessions. Along the way, it captured the attention and imagination of the National Endowment for the Arts, MIT, the Mayor’s Institute on City Design and other cities around the country.

All of the partners in Shreveport Common strongly believed that this 9-block area of envisioned mixed income housing and mixed use buildings with a strong art and historical component was viable and would be successful. We knew that we needed to put it to the test with data that could be examined and quantified. We retained the highly-regarded TMG Consulting Firm from New Orleans to create a market analysis. They came to Shreveport, gathered data, experienced Shreveport Common, talked to bankers, developers, city and parish officials, building owners, residents, artists and others. We provided them with reams of documents and statistics, and then stood back to allow the numbers to tell the story. The following document is that story. The report is large and graphically-intensive, so we have broken it into sections for downloading and print purposes.



Read the Shreveport Common Market Assessment


Overview & Executive Summary

Section 1 / pages 1-70          (PDF, 7MB)
- Executive Summary
– Introduction
– Case Studies: Arts and Cultural Districts
– Economic and Demographic Analysis
Section 2 / pages 71-103          (PDF, 5MB)
- Housing Market Assessment
– Retail and Commercial Market Assessment
Section 3 / pages 104-147          (PDF, 3MB)
- Retail and Commercial Market Assessment
– Disclaimer
Section 4 / pages 148-196          (PDF, 600kB)
- Appendix I: Applicable Incentive Programs
– Appendix II: Artist Demographic Data
– Appendix III: Rental Housing Data
– Appendix IV: Retail and Commercial Downtown Shreveport Fair Share Analysis






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