Starting May 1, you can use your smartphone (or any phone, for that matter) to park at any of the on-street spaces downtown. Park by app or use the handy toll-free phone number that you will see on decals and signage. It’s easy!



  1. Download the Parkmobile app on your smartphone or mobile device.
  2. Complete the registration process to start using the app.
  3. Once you’ve registered, enter in Zone# located on stickers and signs on the meters.
  4. Pay for minutes up to 3 hours. (Hour #3 will include an upcharge of $1).
  5. Confirm your information, including Location, License Plate #, time, and costs.
  6. You’ll get a 15-minute warning of time remaining on your meter.

Here is the step-by-step guide of how to sign up: How to Register with Parkmobile

See the Parkmobile video here!

Still have more questions?  Visit our Parking App FAQ section here!

You can also pay by using the Parkmobile TOLL FREE NUMBER; 877-727-5988


  • Two hours isn’t enough at the meter? You have the choice of a THIRD hour (for a $1 up charge).
  • Park Mobile is utilized in cities around the country. Your app is good anywhere Park Mobile is found.
  • Add up to five license plates and users to one account.

Answers To Questions We Know That You Will Have!

      1. You can STILL use the meters and your Park Card. Park Mobile is just another option for you.
      2. No, the meter will not register green if you are using the Park Mobile app, but the parking patrollers will know that you have paid through their own app!
      3. Park Mobile (either the app or pay by phone option) must be used at spaces where there is no meter or a meter is inoperative.
      4. If you use the one-off payment feature, you will be charged a $.35 convenience fee per session. If you use the Park Mobile Wallet, that fee drops to $.15 per session.
      5. Yes, you can still get a parking ticket, but hopefully the app will help prevent the dreaded expired meter ticket. All the other rules still apply. (Sorry!)

Need more answers?  Visit our Parking App page and FAQ here!