Money, Inc. posted a story on their website this week about the 20 things a first timer to Shreveport should do. We were pretty thrilled that 14 of the 20 things were in downtown!

While we love the 20, we prefer our 50! Our Field Guide of Things to Do Downtown is chock full of adventure, history and fun.

Because of these COVID times that we are in, some of the 50 options are temporarily postponed. Things like live music and large group events likely won’t be returning in great number until a COVID-19 vaccine is available and widely distributed. However, attractions like Sci-Port, the Shreveport Aquarium, and the Shreveport Water Works and Railroad museums are open. You can enjoy driving around and looking at historic sites and downtown art, the Shreveport Farmers’ Market is up and running, Robinson Film Center is open again for business and you can sit on Rhino’s sidewalk cafe with an icy latte and watch the world go by. So check out both links, make a list and check it twice, and we’ll see you downtown!