400 Crockett Street, the site of the former SporTran bus terminal and once known as The Lot, is rebranding and launching anew as Shreve Station.

Jackie Brock, Robbie Buhl & Blake Weittenhiller are partners in the business and have spent the last couple of months cleaning up and fixing up the property. They have hosted a few lower-key events to work out kinks and get all their processes in place and are looking forward to the ‘big reveal.’

Overhead view of Shreve Station.

All three used to run bars and book live music ‘back in the days when we were single and didn’t have children,” says Brock. “Now we all have families so we’re doing a PG-13 version of what we did back then.” An example of the family friendly events is a family Christmas celebration planned for Saturday, Dec. 17 with Santa, Christmas movies on the outdoor big screen, hot chocolate, food and more. Shreve Station will continue to be available for privately-rented events, but Brock and his partners are probably most excited about the opportunities for music there.

A concert planned for Friday, Dec. 9 is Rehab+Boondox+Spectra Vamp but metal isn’t going to be Shreve Station’s only draw. Brock plans to book a variety of bands and genres on the outdoor stage. Music will definitely be the overriding theme of 400 Crockett Street.

Concert Friday, Dec. 9.

“Shreve Station will be the hub for cultivating young musicians into performing and recording artists,” says Brock. “I’m hoping to pay for that by hosting special events and working with other event promoters in the SBC.  We’ll be announcing our restaurant soon and are currently screening food truck operators. We’re excited to contribute to the rebirth of  art, culture,  and entrepreneurial growth in downtown Shreveport.”

We’re excited, too. Stay tuned for MUCH more!