Well, you’ve gone and done it. You’ve waited too long and now, tickets for the Food Prize ‘Come and Get It’ gustatory extravaganza are sold out, as is Comedy Prize. Never fear, though, Film Prize is here!

Waiting for the next slate of films to begin seating.

Beginning today (Thursday), you’ll be able to partake in three days of film fun and just a bit o’ madness. See the two 2.5 hour slates of films specially made for this event, admire the skill of the filmmakers and actors, and then vote on your favorite films and favorite actors. (Note to self: take notes!)

Start off with the free ‘The Gathering’ Film Prize Opening Party and Red Carpet tonight (Thursday, Oct. 20) from 7-11 pm in the 700 block of Texas Street at the Big Top tent. On Friday, enjoy the free ‘Film Prize Judge Speed Dating’ from 6-7 pm at The Twenty Bar, 624 Texas St. The Afterparty featuring music by The Joanitones is happening at The Noble Savage, 417 Texas Street.

Yes, it’s fun!

-Saturday, it’s ‘Film Prize University Panel Discussions’ at Robinson Film Center, 617 Texas St., 10 am- 1 pm, free.
-Finally, it’s the ‘Big Exhale Toast on Texas Street’ on Saturday, Oct. 22 at 10 pm at The Twenty Bar, 624 Texas St., also free.

Wait, did we say ‘finally’? We were wrong. With a Film Prize pass, you get free cover to the ‘Heaven and Hell’ Closing Party on Saturday at Stray Cat Bar, 222 Travis Street, that runs from 10:30 pm until sunrise!

The films are the thing!

The very best part of the whole show, though, is the films! You can catch the Teal and Orange Slates (two groupings of ten movies each) at multiple locations downtown (and one theater in Bossier’s East Bank District) over the next three days. Locations downtown include:
Central ARTSTATION, 801 Crockett Street
Robinson Film Center, 617 Texas Street
The Big Top tent, middle of 700 block of Texas Street
The Underground, 601 Texas Street
See the schedule of slate showings here.

The short films will run the gamut of your imagination. Filmmakers include local names you know and many from outside our region. You will see people you know, places you know and be entranced by the creativity of it all.
See the list of 20 short films here.

Time to prize!

Have you heard of Cannes? Sundance? Tribeca? Experience this top rate film festival right here at home with the talent, imagination and skill you would see elsewhere around the globe. Viva la Prize!