On the pretty, tree-lined 200 block of Milam Street is the office of UL Coleman Companies. The building is a beautiful example of something historic given new life and an updated look.

207 Milam Street, today.

The building, like downtown in general, has seen highs and lows over the years.

207-209 Milam St., 1970s.

In the 1970s, the building and several around it, were vacant. Over the years, the building had played host to a number of businesses. In 1894, it was the headquarters of The Times, in 1898, a commercial printer, in 1909 an office of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad Company. We like the tenant in 1918, ‘Madame Karma.’ We wonder if she has now taken up residence at the corner of Spring and Texas at the ‘Psychic Corner.’ In 1922, there was an auto sheet metal business in part of the building and rooms to let in the rest.

UL Coleman became the owner of the building in 1980 and that is when the fortunes of the historic structure started to change.

A respectful rehab has turned the two story building into a happy and light-filled office space that has retained portions of original charm.

The building is but one of a number of so-called ‘contributing features’ in the Shreveport Commercial Historic District. These are buildings whose exteriors have not been radically changed over time and sit in locations with other original buildings. These are special buildings and blocks in our downtown, and we are proud of them all- and of the efforts made by owners to save them for future generations!