A funny thing happened a couple of weeks ago when I sat down to talk to Glenn Brannan and Rick Sloan about their amazing 30-year run at Blind Tiger restaurant. In the middle of conversation about why onion rings would never again be on the menu, a man walked up to tell us that he and his wife had made a special trip to Shreveport from Lake Charles, just to eat at Blind Tiger.

Blind Tiger co-owners Rick Sloan (left) and Glenn Brannan are joined by happy couple Jeff and Amy Douzat from Lake Charles.

Jeff Douzat chatted for a moment and his wife Amy walked over. ‘We wanted to come here on our anniversary, to the place we had our very first ‘date'”, Jeff said. “That was ten years ago. We have been married for five years, and wanted to come back where it all started.”

Rick and Glenn have heard a lot of stories like this, and they have a lot of stories to tell, too. Stories about why $@! Onion Rings will never been on the menu again (sorry, onion ring lovers), stories about how many iconic Blind Tiger plastic cups have walked through the doors, stories about their disastrous opening day and their wildly successful Cajun Sampler plate (more than 1,000,000 sold. You read that right. 1 million.) More than anything, though, are the stories of their friendship, and how this fun little restaurant/bar has come to be so special to so many.

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