This weekend is the Friends of the Shreve Memorial Library Booksale. The deals are amazing. You will want to go. You need to put it into your calendar now. We will come back to the reason for this blog post in a moment, but first we must talk about Dan-o and why he matters.
135 years ago when TV was young and actors sported grim looks and lots of Brylcreem  there was a hero named Jack Lord who lived on a mythical island called Hawaii. His sidekick, a man known as Dan-o, existed for the sole reason of booking bad guys into the City Jail of Honolulu, Hawaii.
For 8,000 exciting episodes of Hawaii Five-O, Dan-o and a cast of actors with the best real names in Hollywood- Kam Fong (as Chin Ho), Zulu (as Kono) and, of course, Herman Wedemeyer (as someone), picked off wrongdoers so regularly that the mere thought of breaking a law made the fine citizens of Hawaii break out in a flop sweat.

Lord in tropics-inspired lounge wear

Why does this matter in the least? It does not, but we strongly believe that Dan-O would have enjoyed the Shreve Memorial Library Fall Book Sale. We strongly suspect that he would have stood next to the cash-out desk and after each purchase, would have arched his eyebrow, smiled and said ‘Book it.’ Perhaps this is is just our imagination talking, honed by the many books we have purchased from one of our favorite events of the year- The Friends of the Shreve Memorial Library Fall Book Sale.

Here is how it works. You will show up at the Main Branch of the Shreve MemorialLibrary at 424 Texas St. Saturday and Sunday during sale hours and go into the bowels of the historic building. After a winding walk, you will end up in the
basement, home to thousands of tomes- some 50,000, in fact, all awaiting your purchase. The books include every genre, children and adult, hardback and paper. In addition are DVDs, books on tape, CDs, Blu-ray. There is a ‘treasure trove’ area near the tables where you pay that will have new bestsellers and serious and heavy coffee table books and all sorts of other wonderful items.

To be seriously prepared, you will want to bring some heavy duty fabric bags to haul your look because you WILL BE LOADED DOWN when you leave. Trust us on this. Books range from $.50 to a couple or so dollars. If you do not bring a bag, you will look like the guy in the graphic below. Do not be this guy.

The sale is Saturday, October 12th from noon to 5 p.m. and Sunday, October 13th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you want first dibs, you will cough up $5 to become a ‘Friend of the Library’ and that will get you in on Saturday from 9 am- noon. This is a small price to pay for first crack at the books AND you are supporting a great cause. We look forward to seeing you at the Fall Book Sale!