513 North Spring Street, Shreveport, LA, USA 71101

  • Asking Price: $425,000

    Beautiful historical property in downtown Shreveport. This building dates back to Shreveport Mayor Martin Talley around 1865. It served as a First Federal Court House of Shreveport between 1881-1887. It currently has approximately 14,000 sq ft of office space. There is an additional approximate 7,000 sq ft of basement. Elevator access to all floors including basement. This comes with 14 parking spaces. This incredible opportunity is located in the central business district of Shreveport close to I-20 and I-49. Great for office, loft apartments, or bed and breakfast. This property is located in the opportunity zone and available for historical tax credits. Excellent for downtown residential, multi family, hotel, bed and breakfast, or office complex per UD-C. This former Mayor’s resident would make a gorgeous downtown home when restored to it’s original grandeur. You can join the growing number of those choosing the urban lifestyle. Living right on the edge of Shreveport’s entertainment district and walking distance from downtown restaurants, clubs, and business community. History and home all in one. This is a rare opportunity. New roof in 2021. Available to lease.






    • Total Sq. Ft. - 14,000 sq. ft.
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    John Lorick ( email )
    Phone: 318-458-3253