610 Crockett Street, Shreveport, LA 71101

  • Asking Price: $315,000

    This property features over 5 levels of parking, topped with over 22,000 square feet of office space that could easily be repurposed to suit a wide variety of needs. 610 Crockett is in an Opportunity Zone, eligible for Historic Tax Credits, in a census tract eligible for Restoration Tax Abatement and could be eligible for a variety of other incentives to reduce  the redevelopment costs. Don’t worry about having to do a lot of guesswork- we’ve already got a very positive Phase I Environmental report, a structural report and other due diligence documents ready for your review.

    • Total Sq. Ft. - 22.795 sq. ft.
    • Total Rentable Sq. Ft. - 22,795 sq. ft.
    • Total Available Sq. Ft. - 22,795 sq. ft.
  • Contact

    Jeff Everson ( email ) • Lea Hall Properties
    Phone: 318-221-1234 (O)