517-519 Milam Street, Shreveport, LA, United States 71101

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    The former buildings of the Rubenstein’s Department store are two distinct structures, one located at 513-515 Milam (Lanford Building) and the other next door at 517-519 Milam (Rubenstein’s Building), opposite the Caddo Parish Court House. The building was constructed in 1915. It was initially three stories in height with the fourth floor being added in the mid-1920s. In 1926 Rubenstein’s Department Store (founded in 1898) purchased the building and remodeled it as their new store, adding the fourth floor with its arched windows and decorative concrete detailing. In the early 1950s the street-level of the facade was remodeled to its present appearance, and the corrugated iron sidewalk overhang was added. At about the same time the Rubenstein store purchased the Lanford Building next door and remodeled it as well, The two buildings then formed a single building at the main level and were occupied by Rubenstein’s until the store closed in 1987.

    • Total Sq. Ft. - 24,464 sq. ft.
    • Total Available Sq. Ft. - 24,464 sq. ft.
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