Every year, businesses downtown are faced with a dilemma- what to do for valued customers for the holidays? It’s important to thank those who do business with you, and businesses often fall back on gifts of candy, cookies and a variety of sweet treats. That is getting more iffy that at any time in the past. It’s hard to know who among our friends and colleagues shun gluten, are Vegan or have health issues that mean sweets are verboten.

The Downtown Rhino patrol. It seems that they have spotted something in the distance!

We are thrilled to be able to share a couple of options that allow you to bypass those thorny gluten/Vegan/calorie issues and spread smiles all around this holiday season.

Rhino Coffee downtown alerts us that their business gift card promo is now available and provides a sliding scale of savings depending on the amount you purchase. For example, if you buy $250 worth of cards, you will save 5% on the purchase. If you make a $5,000 purchase, that savings will slide to 25%. Their gift cards can be used for beverages (alcoholic or non), food items, and products such as cool wearables, coffee cups and other fun items. If you’d like to take a look at the program or place an order, you can do it here. 

A mock up showing what Deez Beanz can do!

Deez Beanz, one of our hard-working entrepreneurial businesses at 619 Market Street is blowing and going with their ‘branded’ coffees for holiday gift-giving! Businesses can order bags of ground or whole bean coffee with their logo, photo and messaging attached!

Every time your customer or business associate uses the project, they will remember you and your business! Look, we LIVE on coffee so think this a dandy holiday option, and even people who aren’t coffee drinkers will have something to gift to others. Get more information right here or by calling Deez Beanz at 318-422-1982.