Photo courtesy Heliopolis

If you’re a non-motorized two-wheel kind of person, the city is working to give you more safe routes of travel downtown.

They are moving forward with bike lanes and on-street vehicle parking on Marshall Street. To accomplish this, the current four-lane roadway will be reduced to two lanes. The location of the bicycle lanes will be BETWEEN the active vehicle travel lanes and car parking, and there was concern expressed at a recent meeting about bicyclists tangling with opening car doors. The city believes these concerns can be mitigated with signage warning of this possibility.

The city plans to paint sharrows along Crockett and Milam, with additional connectivity along the Cotton/Edwards curve. There are also sharrows planned along Clyde Fant connecting Milam/Crockett to the Red River running/biking trails that start in front of Sci-Port.

Here is the Bike Path Plan 

All in all, a good start to making our downtown more bicycling friendly!