Site of Water Main break.

The City of Shreveport Department of Water and Sewerage (DOWAS) has lifted the Boil Water Advisory enacted Tuesday after a major water main break. The 20-inch line located near the salvage yard in the 100 block of McNeil Street broke early Tuesday morning, dropping downtown’s water pressure. Several buildings lost pressure needed to keep air conditioning  & toilets functioning, but no other major problems were reported.

It’s all in a day’s work for the guys and gals of DOWAS, who can daily answer ‘what’s worse than a broken 20-inch water main’? Well, in this particular case, the worse was that it was in the woods, knee-deep in muck, happened on a blistering hot day and, oh, yeah, there were about 10,000 mosquitoes thrown in for that extra dose of ‘fun.’

KTBS TV Report on the Main Break

The city told the DDA that the break was finally  repaired by 1:30 am Wednesday morning. Quina Maple, Superintendent of the Water Purification Division, told us water samples were pulled Wednesday morning for testing. Those samples require 18-24 hrs for an incubation period. Samples showed no dangerous bacteria.