A new business with the goals of making other businesses better has moved downtown, to the Beck Building at 400 Travis Street. Brick by Brick offers workshops on customer service and support, teamwork and team building and developing management skills. Classes can be in person or virtual. Brick by Brick is happy to travel to improve your business and has customers in Texarkana, Longview and Kilgore.

For more information about the things Brick by Brick can help your business achieve, contact them here.

Adjacent to Brick by Brick is A & S Solidarity Adult Literacy. The nonprofit teaches and mentors young adults starting at age 15 and takes them into adulthood with help in mathematics, reading and writing. A&S Solidarity specializes in the functionally illiterate, who are those with some limited reading and writing ability. In addition to reading and writing, A&S teaches anger management and job search skills. For more information on the program, contact Simone Craig.