The Spring Street Historical Museum and the Shreveport Water Works Museum wish to hire one P/T employee on a trial basis.

Age does not matter, job background does not matter; attitude DOES matter! Are you retired, looking for meaningful work? Are you a ready to come back into the job market after being out for children or other reasons? This might be the position for you!

You may know that both of these museums are now being funded and run by non-profit ‘Friends’ organizations. These groups are not wealthy, but they are very committed to keeping these facilities open to the public so that everyone can learn more about the fascinating history of Shreveport.

Here is what the museums are looking for:

  • Someone who speaks well (for fill-in tour guide)
  •  Who is comfortable with basic clerical tasks as needed
  • Is creative (in thinking up & implementing programs for the museums)
  • Who will seek out partners and partnership opportunities (for both PR and project-oriented partnerships)
  • Who will connect to and interact with organizations promoting visitor attractions
  • Who will work with board members and others on fundraising projects
  • Who is a ‘people’ person and a self-starter
  • Who is able to work, at least occasionally, on Saturdays and Sundays;
  • BONUS for any knowledge of grant writing!

You must be computer literate, have a sense of humor and be willing to do what needs to be done. You may need to be on your feet for several hours at a time while guiding tours. You will need to have transportation to get to and from the museums.

This is a Part-Time position. You will be answering to multiple bosses, but all are really cool folks and play well with others. They are going to be flexible on your schedule, but you will start at 30 hours per week (maybe more).

Salary will be tied to experience. It’s not going to make you rich, but it WILL be a really interesting and personally rewarding position.

Sorry, no benefits (other than learning a LOT about history and being a part of something important!)



OK, still interested? We hope so!  Please send a short cover letter to Liz stating why you are interested and any relevant background information (a resume is fine) that shows qualifications.

In addition, please let us know your situation– are you returning to work, retired and looking for new challenges, new to the job market, need a break from an intense FT position? – and tell us if you have any scheduling requirements (can never work on Saturdays, for example. Always have to be off by 3 pm, that sort of thing) and when you could start.

All this information will be handed over to the museums and they will determine if there is a good fit. Good Luck! The DDA/DSDC works closely with both museums and will be working closely with this new employee. We look forward to helping show you the ropes.