Shreveport Farmers’ Market Annual Meeting: Home-Made Products

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Home-Made Products include:
Items like baked goods, cheese, sausage made from meat you did not raise, canned/frozen veggies, salsa, jam, jellies, soap, or other items you yourself prepare in your own home or facility.

All meetings beging at 6:00 pm at 101 Crockett St., Ste. B (in Festival Plaza).

It is CRUCIAL that you attend these meetings if you are participating as a vendor!

Important information:

  • WE ARE A GROWERS ONLY MARKET. Our rules govern who can sell fresh fruits and vegetables. “Supplemental” items will be limited, and must be documented with the manager.
  • Packaging laws are mandated by the State of Louisiana. You may sell things you create in your home kitchen, but they must be labeled with “NOT PREPARED IN A COMMERCIAL KITCHEN” along with your required contact information. This must be on EVERY item you sell.
  • We do not accept crafts unless they utilize agricultural products in their creation, and numbers will be limited.
  • Certain items, including but not limited to sweet potatoes, flowers, and plants, must be LICENSED by the State. Health and beauty products may soon be included. Licenses are your responsibility.
  • This year, all fees must be paid in advance by the month, or by the entire season.

The online application will not be accessible until after these meetings.

For more information contact:
Noma Fowler-Sandlin, Manager
Phone: (318) 455-5788
Fax: (318) 226-9559

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