July 14, 2016 @ 3:11 pm – 4:11 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Downtown Shreveport Riverfront
89 Crockett St
Shreveport, LA 71101

Pokémon For Progress

From PFP’s Event Page: “If you’ve been playing Pokémon around town, no doubt you’ve noticed our city has a problem. Homelessness, trash, and generally just not being cared for.
We are all trainers, true. But before that we are all human beings. Humans with the chance to help and change our city for good. But it feels so… Big. Trying to change our city and help out. But guys. There are so many of us. We are a legitimate army of nerds. And what do armies do? They provide and protect.
The rescue mission, providence house, ymca… All of them are barely making it. They need things. They need an army to help them help our community.

Here’s the plan. Saturday come to the riverfront from 11 to 5. We will drop lures. A metric butt ton of lures. Right on the river. WAnd we have boxes. The mission is simple, fill the boxes. We don’t leave till they are full. Then we walk them to the places that need them. As a group. As a team.
As a community of people who realized we can change our city.

We will be collecting various items for the Shreveport Rescue Mission. All donations will go to them because they know how to best help those in need. Let’s help them help the community get better.

Women’s shelter need diapers, wipes, tooth brushes, toothpaste, shampoo and female products.

Men’s needs socks, blankets and shoes and hygiene products

Any clothes or blankets should be washed for donations.
Canned food is always welcome of course.

Can’t donate? That’s fine! Come anyway and on the walk down, we bring trash bags and pick up what we see.

Guys, let’s make Shreveport Bossier great. Let’s show people what nerds can do. Let’s be a change.

Donation boxes will be at the riverfront. Look for the lures! Meet downtown, bring some little things to help out our community, catch some Pokémon and around 5, we walk them to the Rescue Mission.

We are working with the leaders from each faction to establish lure donation areas outside of the riverfront. Every will meet at 5 to walk to the Rescue as a team. No factions. No colors.”