December 10, 2016 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
The Agora Borealis
421 Lake St
Shreveport, LA 71101

Umbrella Challenge

No prizes, no grant money, no competition, no forms to fill out (there actually is a form to fill out if you want to list your work for sale). Just use an umbrella, be it paper or poly fiber or plastic or whathaveyou, for a
Artistic interpretation of “Springtime”, in a style that represents you and your work. Medium is up to you, as long as it’s on an umbrella, and you can photograph it to share with the rest of us.
You can paint, stain, embroider, batik, sew, collage…whatever medium you like, but it must be in a Spring theme. We’re gonna brighten up what is normally a pretty dreary-weather time of year with a sky full of flowers and bright colors. ( I thought about relegating it to flowers only, but opened it to springtime to see what kinds of submissions we get. I like some variey)

The date and time for the new call will be Saturday December 10th at 2pm. This will be the deadline to have your work put into the album. This will be time of the get together at Agora Borealis for those who want to show your piece and meet in person.

*Because of space and the fact that this show will be hanging from the ceiling, please make your umbrealla with size and weight in mind. And make sure that you have a place on your umbrella to hang it correctly. A hole in the handle or something that can be used with a ziptie or wire. Paint the side that will be seen from below as it hangs. Anything deemed too heavy will not be able to hang. And there is limited floor space to display large pieces. For those who want to have their work displayed, you will need to have a hanging tag on your piece with your name, medium and price attched to your work before you drop it off. Please deliver your work the week prior during business hours to Agora Borealis, or by at least noon, if day of. Thank you!

Hosted by The Art of Taffie Garsee