February 29, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
The Agora Borealis
421 Lake St
Louisiana 71101

Devin Rachul McClintic Opening Reception – “Cake Walk”

An excessive degree of dysfunctional narcissistic supply can be found on the internet, especially through dating sites, smutty selfies on social media, and instantly accessible pornography. I use images from basic google searches as reference to this insidious fuel and the delusional idealization of romantic partners as a mirror to the basic culture of pathological narcissism. Images of smut and porn are the text book desired comparison used by pathological narcissist’s when repeatedly circling through the devaluation phase.

My recent body of work, “Cake Walk” is a tasty, yet unctuous, perspective on pathological narcissism. I visually mirror the pernicious traits of typical and predictable narcissists, although the delusional and egocentric narcissistic types may find such unsavory characteristics within themselves desirable. A profound lack of insight, parasitic addictive behaviors, and being void of individual discerning taste defines the pervasive text book narcissistic personality. I am on a passionate mission to reveal, expose, and mock the attributes of malignant pathological narcissism.

“Cake Walk” is a visual reflection of narcissistic behaviors, self centered mantras, perverse belief systems and deviant intentions.

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