February 12, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Central ARTSTATION - SRAC Headquarters
801 Crockett St
LA 71101

It Is What It Is: 400 Years of Black People in America

Ron Hardy’s “It Is What It Is” 400 Years of Black People in America is open for viewing at the Central ARTSTATION this month. Read about these four paintings by Ron Hardy King-Justice below, and come in to listen to musical compositions written, recorded or produced by Ron Hardy on MP3 player on stand next to each painting!

1) The Journey- This painting depicts the 1st voyage of Negro slaves from the West Coast of Africa to the US. They arrived in Jamestown on August 20, 1619 on the “The Good Ship Jesus” officially known as “Jesus of Lubeck,” The painting signifies the perils and extreme conditions endured by the Negro slaves on this 6 month voyage.

2) The Purpose- This painting illustrates why Negro slaves were brought to America (The New World. The intent was slavery( free labor) along with White supremacy and world domination.

3) The Outcome- This painting is a local illustration showing elements of the way of life for the descendants of the Negro slaves in modern America. This way of life and living conditions are consistent throughout the USA and other colonized territories throughout the Western Hemisphere.

4) The Solution – A work in progress to be determined by all the citizens of the USA and the World Wide community seeking justice and equality for all.

Ron Hardy- Artist

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