September 30, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Bon Temps Coffee Bar
450 Clyde Fant Memorial Pkwy #700
LA 71101

Town Talk – Laughing it Off

Hosted by CoCreative

Town Talks were created with the purpose of rallying our communities together and to provide an outlet for emotional expression, conversation, understanding and consolement. The first step in understanding one another is CONVERSATION. Our mission is to help you START the conversation. Help us come together to discuss topics that are most important to you as a member of our community.

For the next few months, we’re focusing on Mental Health – both mental illness and wellness. We’re providing a safe forum for members of our community to share their stories, provide safe outlets, and spread hope. It is important to overcome the stigma of mental illness and join together to help one another.

Join us on Sunday, September 30th, 2-5pm as we have a more lighthearted discussions on mental health. As a group, we want to encourage others to share how they get past negativity and “laugh it off”. When times are hard, it may seem impossible to keep a smile on your face. Let’s help each other find more reasons to smile and be grateful!

(As a group, we ask that no videoing take place throughout this event. We are working to give everyone a free, open, and intimate atmosphere to express themselves.)

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