Streetscape pole banners are overseen by the Downtown Development Authority as a visual enhancement for the Downtown Development District. There are approximately 350 streetlight poles in the DDD that are appropriate for banners. These locations are available to non-profits and governmental entities on a first-come, first-served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the banner measurements?

Measurement Information

2. Who pays for the banners?

You or your organization.

3. How many banners do we have to get?

There are approximately 350 banner poles downtown, but you don’t have to get that many! If your event is on Texas Street, you may want to hang only along that area. If you will give us details and location of your event, we will make a suggestion to you about the number of banners and locations to ensure maximum exposure for your event.

4. Who owns the banners afterward?

You do. Once the banners are taken down, you can store them for the next year. We would encourage that you not put dates on your banners so that they can be used for multiple years.

5. Who pays to put them up?

The DDA will bill you an hourly rate based on the number of banners hung and taken down. The fee is $15 per hour per employee. If your banners have to be removed for a short time for another event, you will NOT be charged for the re-hanging.

6. Who makes the banners?

We have several local companies who have done good work in the past and we would urge you to check with them, but ultimately you can use anyone you would like. The specifications that the company will need are included in this email. No matter which vendor you use, we recommend that you have one banner produced as a prototype to be sure it fits the banner arm and has the grommets correctly positioned before proceeding with the full order.

7. Who can request banners?

Non-profits and governmental entities in the Downtown Development District to promote events, projects, exhibitions and shows, special conventions and meetings, pageants and the like.

8. What is NOT allowed on the banners?

Overt business advertising, political messages, electioneering, or anything that does not have a “G” rating (appropriate for all ages) overall.

9. How long will my banners stay up?

If you are promoting a special event, we will work with you to get your banners up at least several weeks in advance of your event and will take the banners down after the event has concluded. If your event is ongoing throughout a several month period, we will work to keep your banners up as long as possible, but may have to remove them and replace them to make way for others who have requested space. You will not be charged for any banner removal and re-hanging.

10. Does the DDA need to see my banner design?

In some cases in which we believe advertising will be present, we will ask to see the banner design prior to your banner run.

11. Is there anything else I need to know?

Drive around and look at the banners that are up and see which ones stand out and are the most legible. Remember that color attracts attention and that most people will give the banner a 2-second look, so your design needs to be clear, uncluttered and large.