Interested in giving yoga or a new yoga studio a try? Downtown’s newest yoga studio at the Lofts at 624, 624 Texas Street, wants to make it easier for you by giving downtown employees, businesses and residents a free first class. It’s easy, but this is a time limited offer, so take advantage of it now!

1. Go to

2. Log In for the first time with your email address and password

3. Go to account information ( and update your address.

4. Boom! Get your First Class for Free!

Humm has multiple classes every day to best suit your particular schedule. You can choose classes that focus on strength and balance, legs, arms and fanny toning, to improve movement, balance, posture and more. You can be a pure beginner or more advanced and feel comfortable. Humm has a variety of options and pricing plans. Check out all that they have to offer!