We like to share when we find a product that works well, and the Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation’s Graffiti Abatement Team reports the Goof Off works as promised.  There are a LOT of products out there and our crew has tried many of them. Power-washing is still tried-and-true, but using a high intensity power washer on historic brick and mortar is often a bad plan, hence the need for a gentler solution.

The website says Goof Off works on adhesives, paints, stickers, duct tape and other damaging items. We have used it on metal, smooth and rough brick and have been pleased at its ability to remove paint tags. To get the best possible outcome may require multiple applications and allowing the product to soak in for a bit.

Goof Off is available at Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Graingers and Advanced Auto Parts.

If you have tried a product and really like it, please let us know what it is and how you used it. We are always looking for better ways to keep downtown looking nice.