Downtown workers getting a little energy boost!

It’s lunchtime, you’re starving and there’s no time for a meal. It’s 3 p.m. and you’re struggling to keep your eyes open and get through the rest of the day. Greenhouse Nutrition, the new business at 431 Texas Street, has you covered. Instead of serving up a plate of vittles, they’re in the business of meal replacement. They’ll serve you up a full-bodied shake in a variety of flavors. The one constant is that the shake will be low in sugars, carbs and calories (250 calories, typically) and high in protein and fiber. The teas provide various levels of caffeine and can pack a punch.

They start at level 1 (very little caffeine, good for children), all the way up to level 4- this is the one that will stay with you for a while! As with the shakes, there is a large variety of flavors and all are made with Stevia to keep the calorie count lower.

Greenhouse Nutrition is open M-F from 6:30 am- 4 pm, and 8 am- noon on Saturdays.


July 3, 2019–

There are quite a few new businesses either under construction or in the final throes of preparations downtown. Here is the roundup of a few and their status.
-The new Greenhouse Nutrition meal replacement business at 431 Texas Street (in the Slattery Building), is just a short time away from opening. If you remember what it was like in the old Hallmark store at Marshall and Texas, you will be amazed at what it looks like now. Steve and Staci Kemp are in the final stages of getting downtown’s new Greenhouse Nutrition ready to serve. They have a couple of additional hurdles to jump this week, but we’ll keep you updated on their progress. Opening date, coming soon. Menu, coming soon. Facebook page, coming soon! (For Staci and Steve, it’s not soon enough)