Nothing says ‘life’ like uncovering windows blocked up by sheetrock or plywood for 40+ years, and what a difference it makes in the look of a building!

429 Crockett – Before.

429 Crockett- After.

We love the fact that even the sky is bluer in the photo with the windows exposed! The buildings at the corner of the 400 block of Crockett have been vacant now for a couple of years, but even prior to that, were underutilized. Most of the beautiful second floor of 429 Crockett has been dark for at least 50 years.

Read Here for more about the history of 429 Crockett St. It’s quite a story.

The new owners of the properties have great plans and are moving full speed ahead.

There are already tenants who have signed on the dotted line for the new City Center Flats, but office/retail and apartment space is still available and Vintage Design Group will design and build to suit. You can contact Vintage Design Group, LLC for more information at 318-990-902.

Removing the windows is the first of much more to come, with an eventual goal of a beautiful and functional new set of spaces.