Phase 2A – Restaurants, Cafes and Coffee Shops, Bars, Nightclubs, and Micro-Breweries: START DATE: June 5, 2020 UPDATED June 12, 2020

The Office of State Fire Marshal is providing you with this update in conjunction with the Office of the Governor and the Louisiana Department of Health to keep you up to date with additional information and/or changes as it becomes available during our battle with COVID-19. These notifications are issued automatically and immediately to those who sign up through “OpenSafely”

Indoor live entertainment, which includes but is not limited to bands and karaoke, may be considered by submitting a written request to address the following:
 The HVAC system must provide a minimum of 6 air changes per hour (ACH) within the space occupied by the audience and performers. Documentation shall be provided to identify the CFM’s for the air handling unit(s) serving the space and the cubic footage of the space served.
 A minimum 12 feet of separation shall be provided between the performers and attendees.
 Provide at least one of the following additional mitigation measures:
 In-duct UV-C light system placed in supply side, ahead of any branch connections,
or in the return side of each air handling system serving the space.
 Direct air flow towards the performers and away from the attendees at a
minimum rate of 2,000 CFM.
 An independent HVAC system dedicated exclusively for the performance area.
 Each performer must follow the social distancing guidelines.
 Management shall offer face coverings and temperature checks to attendees.
Requests are to be emailed to SFM for review by the Office of State Fire Marshal and the Louisiana Department of Health. Every attempt will be made to provide a response to you within 2 business days of receipt.