The Noble savage Tavern, the venerable downtown dive bar loved by many, closed for ‘good’ at the end of business on Saturday, Nov. 8. There were no official posts by owners or managers on their social media page, but there had been some talk and several Facebook posts by FONS (Friends of Noble Savage) warning long-time customers in advance to get to 417 Texas St. Saturday night to reclaim their roughly 3,000 personal tankards and say good-byes.

Luckily, this is likely not the last chapter for The Noble Savage. The owner of the building is looking for another restauranteur with skills and good ideas to be the new owner/operator of the business. It might be called Noble Savage Two-Point-Oh. It might be called Savage Re-imagined. We would just love for it to be called ‘open.’ This post appeared on another Facebook page after the Saturday night closure.

Noble Savage Tavern Just FYI, the owners of the building will most likely re-open the Noble Savage at some point, probably after the first of the year. All of the mugs are safe and will be kept upstairs. It was a good run but Covid was the beginning of the end for the current owners. Thanks to everyone for your patronage throughout the years!!

The Shreveport DDA has been in contact with the building owners about next moves for the downtown landmark. Anyone with restaurant background, working capital and the desire to revive a beloved business is welcome to reach out to the building owner about becoming the next owner/operator of the Savage. You can contact the owner here. 

Covid restrictions forced restaurants to close all indoor seating.

Since our post about the closure, several people have contacted us with an interest in buying & reopening the business. We hope the stars align to allow this to happen. It has been a hard and draining two years for restaurants, pubs, bars and eateries nationwide and many across the country- employees as well as owners- are simply walking away from the business. We can make it easier for them to keep the faith (and pay their bills) by shopping local, eating local, going to restaurant/bar events, buying their gift cards, and posting good reviews and nice comments on social media about experiences there.

One of many legendary meals at TNS.

Dirty Redd

The Noble Savage is too important to lose. The food there is legendary, from wild game meals to weekly specials that seem to defy the ability of a chef to imagine.

It is a place that has long hosted amazing live music, from weekly doses of Dirty Redd to raucous St. Patrick’s Day parties, it is where artists host exhibits to the background sounds pool cues striking billiard balls and people singing to the band. It is Noble Savage Tavern and we look forward to welcoming it back.