Press Release
September 17, 2015
Media Contact Jared Beville – Co-Founder
Red River Brewing Company
(318) 464-1024

Red River Brewing Company Announces Expansion

Red River Brewing Company to add new beer styles, larger production capacity, and destination taproom located in historic downtown Shreveport.

(Shreveport, LA) When Red River Brewing Company (RRBC) opened in a Shreveport garage in 2013, it was one of the first breweries to hit North Louisiana since before prohibition began in 1920.

This year, RRBC is excited to announce it will be expanding its offerings with a taproom located in historic downtown Shreveport, a larger production capacity including bottling, and new beer styles. The new location at 1200 Marshall Street will be both a brewery and an entertainment destination. With a footprint of over 23,000 square feet, RRBC will add a new four-vessel 20-barrel brewing system, a bottling line, and a destination tasting room that will be open to the public. RRBC’s future plans include adding food truck pads, live entertainment, and special events.

As part of the expansion, RRBC will add a new beer to the year-round line up, a session India pale ale, Session 18. “Our customers have been great about allowing us to quietly develop our brewing style and to build on the success of our flagship beers – Hay Ryed and River Monster. Session 18 is a natural progression for us,” said Jared Beville, co-founder and managing partner. “Session 18 is just one of many new beers that RRBC has designed specifically for our community”.

Also during 2016, RRBC is planning to continue to expand their standard beer offering while creating a few “special releases” along the way. “We want our beers to reflect the spirit of the region we live in. Our community has a storied past and rugged spirit in an area located in the southern climate. Our brewing style is the same way. Our production approach will put forth beers that pair well with the lifestyle of our community” Said Robert McGuire, co-founder.

“We’ve been blown away by the local community’s support and commitment to our brand,” said Beau Raines, co-founder. He continued, “The entire community has been unbelievable in their willingness to support locally produced craft beer. With this expansion, we’re excited to have the opportunity to reciprocate.”