It seems like ideas whose times have come, but more data is always better, and that’s where you come in. The Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau is trying to gauge the desire for- and ultimately usefulness of- a Bike Sharing program and a Water Taxi service.

Bike Sharing has taken off across the country (and world) and though details and prices vary, the gist is that the bikes are available for a fee for you to ride. Some cities require you to bring the bikes back to the original dock, some do not. Some rent them in increments of 30 minutes, some for a full day. The SBCTB wants to know about the details that most appeal to you and they’re asking you to fill out a short survey to plump up their data. 

People have also talked over the years about a water taxi that would sport from Shreveport’s downtown riverfront, home to Eldorado and Sam’s Town Casinos, the Red River District, Riverview Park, the Shreveport Aquarium and Sci-Port Discovery Center over to Bossier’s Bass Pro Shops/ Boardwalk and Margaritaville. Would you use a water taxi? Got any particular thoughts on one? Once again, we encourage you to fill out the survey. We’re hopeful that all the data being collected will lead to some very cool new downtown amenities and opportunities.