If you’re a fan of the cakes, pies and breads at the new Retro Downtown Cafe, your life is about to take a turn for the more caloric and oh-so-delicious. The new Retro Baking Company is just days away from opening its doors at 500 Texas, just across from 318 Nutrition, the Caddo Parish Courthouse and Shreve Memorial Library.

The Baking Co. will feature a wide variety of baked goods ranging from sweet (cakes, pies, cinnamon roles) to savory (tasty rosemary, garlic and cheese breads, perfect for dipping in olive oil and balsamic vinegar) and are already taking pre-orders for holiday pies. 9- inch deep dish Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Pecan, Chocolate Decadence pies with hand made crusts are $20 per. The new location for the Baking Company will have a friendly and comfortable feel. A giant antique counter is the focal point of the business, surrounded by tables and chairs that invite lingering over cups of hot coffee and the baked treat of the day. Retro Downtown Cafe owner Kristi Tift says they are still trying to decide on hours of operation but will open early -6:30 or 7 am- to allow nearby employees to drop in before work and enjoy a relaxing start to their day. Tift says the menu available at the Baking Co. will also change over time as they add to-go cold items such as pre-made salads. Having the space at 500 Texas with the wider sidewalk along Texas Street and the corner of Marshall will also allow the Retros to apply for a sidewalk cafe permit, which Tift says they plan to do.

Meanwhile, changes for the positive continue at the Retro Cafe. Their new daily plate lunch specials that rotate each week are proving popular , menu prices have been modified and every meal now comes with complimentary choice of beverage, a small Retro Hipster Salad and a bread/balsamic dipping sauce appetizer.  Hours at the cafe are 7 am- 3 pm M-F, 9 am-3 pm on Saturdays.