If the popularity of a good restaurant is one part food, one part attitude and one part accent, downtown’s newest eatery is going to be a hit. ShaBaby’s Cajun Cooking has thrown open their doors at 605 Texas Street and they are inviting you to become a member of their well-fed family.

Here’s why you’re going to love the owner Mandy.

Owners Mandy and Mike have been in the restaurant business for years, most recently a ten-year stint in Bernice, Louisiana. It has been a very rough go for them -as with all eateries- during the ups and downs of COVID-19, and the recent remnants of Hurricane Laura hit their Bernice location hard, knocking out power and water for a number of days.  The Shreveport area beckoned because of the grandchildren, both of whom are local. It didn’t take them long to fold the grandkids into the family business. One of their granddaughters is already learning the restaurant ropes. The other, a three-year-old, will no doubt grow up with a firm knowledge of Cajun sayings, secret spices and special family recipes.

Plate Lunch Week One- Jambalaya, Red Beans and Rice, a Veg and Peach Cobbler.

For the time being, lunch at ShaBaby’s is a single plate offering, which will be advertised on the Sha Baby Facebook Page. Opening week it has been red beans, sausage and rice, Jambalaya, corn or green beans, peach cobbler and a drink, for the all-inclusive price of $10. The food is well-seasoned, tasty, and filling. Mandy’s grandmother’s peach cobbler recipe is delicious and she is proud of the fact that all the food is homemade and authentic. At our table of six there were no complaints about anything, only comments about the tastiness of various aspects of the meal and the general happiness of a meal being appreciated.  The plate lunch is what’s available from noon- 2 pm each day; after 3 pm you will be able to order off the expansive menu until closing at 10 pm. You will be able to order off the menu all day Saturday and Sunday. Current hours are Wed-Sun., noon- 10 pm.

605 Texas Street is the former 4 J’s Java and more that features seating on two floors. No alcohol is currently available. Sha Baby’s is open for dine in or carry out. Call them at 318-401-0908 for take out ordering.