UPDATE Thursday, June 4:– Work has started on the Spring Street overpass bridge into downtown Shreveport. The contract states that the work should be completed in 70 working days, so expect the bridge to be out until at least August, barring significant weather delays.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announced that the emergency repair contract for the Spring Street overpass in downtown Shreveport is being developed and a construction contractor identified – Gibson & Associates, Inc., based out of Texas. The train derailment that occurred on Friday, April 24, 2020 resulted in severe damage to the two of the three steel support columns, as well as the attached cross frame supports. The amount of damage was too extensive for DOTD in-house repairs, and required that an emergency contract be executed.

The Spring Street overpass between Lake and Crockett Streets will be closed for at least a few more weeks according to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. On Friday, April 24, a train derailed, damaging one of the bridge’s support columns. The overpass was closed until the full extent of the damage could be determined. Repairs will be needed, says Erin Buchanan of the LADoTD.

“We are actively working on getting the emergency contract executed, meeting with the railroad company and consultant, and finalizing the construction plans for repairs. I still don’t have a definitive timeline, but will have that when the contract is awarded. As soon as that occurs, I will be communicating that via a press release so everyone is aware of what to expect. We’re still looking at a minimum of several weeks before being able to reopen the bridge but are working as quickly as possible to get the contractor on site. We know this closure is difficult for everyone who regularly accesses the downtown area, and certainly for any businesses in the vicinity of the bridge. Please rest assured that this emergency project is a top priority, as is ensuring the safety of the structure.” Erin Buchanan, Public Information Officer, LADoTD.

An extensive on-site review of the current condition of the 83-year-old structure has been conducted, and the necessary repairs are being evaluated and identified. The Spring Street overpass serves as the primary entrance into the downtown area from I-20, carrying an average of 46,800 vehicles per day. Preliminary construction plans are being developed, and soil borings at the site will be acquired in the coming days in preparation for repairs to begin.

DOTD is also working closely with both Kansas City Southern and Union Pacific Railroad companies in order to coordinate work amid the timing of train traffic through the project area. DOTD will issue further communication when a definitive timeline for construction work has been established.

The Spring Street and the Spring Street off-ramp from I-20 (Exit 19A) to Crockett Street remains closed, and will reopen when repairs are complete.