Did you play the State Fair of Louisiana Treasure Hunt? It was a first-ever for the State Fair, and when they asked downtown to participate, we jumped at the chance to share fun and some downtown history. We saw folks out looking in every nook and cranny. Our only disappointment is that it didn’t go a couple of days longer. Here are the clues and where they (should have) led!

-Obviously the first clues to any treasure hunt are the basics; that there’s going to be a treasure hunt and the warning to stay off private property. Those were clues #1 and 2.

Clue #3 started to lead people downtown. ‘The trail’ references the Texas Trail, aka Highway 80, aka Texas Avenue/Street. ‘The sun’ is a reference to Sun Furniture and the big sign that was on the building in the 1200 block of Texas Avenue for years before recently being removed for rehab. This clue got you pointed in the right direction.

Clue #4 moved you closer to the eventual end point, from Texas Avenue to Texas Street. The ‘church on the hill’ is First United Methodist Church. ‘Coffee and design’ reference some of the things you will see (Rhino Coffee and Refine Design) as you move in the correct direction.

Clue #5 is moving you farther east on Texas Street. The hints to this are ‘Dogs that bark and dogs to eat’- referencing The Missing Link restaurant, which is known for its gourmet hot dogs, and ‘pizza pie’ referencing Pop n’ Pizza. Both businesses are in the 500 block of Texas Street.

Clue #6 is a biggie in that “Heroes of the Alamo” is a strong clue, if you are familiar with history. Several downtown streets are named after these heroes, but when you think of the battle at the Alamo, who is one fighter who stands out – and- who may be the best known? Davy Crockett- the ‘King of the Wild Frontier.’ This hero of the Alamo ‘beckoned.’

Clue#7 tried to help narrow it down if you were confused, as there are other streets named after men who fought at the Alamo. One of Crockett’s famous quotes was “Throughout the day no time for memorandums now. Go ahead! Liberty and independence forever.”

If you were still confused, #8 should have helped narrow it down. ‘Motorcars and buses’ referred to the old SporTran Bus Terminal on 400 Crockett St. Another hint was ‘haircut or shave’ referring to ShreveTown Barber Shop at 514 Crockett Street.

#9 is leading you to the front door! ‘Festive’ area and ‘Revel’ intended you to head to the portion of Crockett Street near Festival Plaza, where the Red River Revel had just ended.

‘X’ marks the spot with Clue #10. We were hoping against hope that we would get to this clue because it’s kind of a hoot. At some point in the past, a wily prankster added ‘Zombie Hall of Fame’ to one of the wayfinding signs in the middle of the 200 block of Crockett Street just across from Festival Plaza. Even the font looks similar to the rest of the sign! It was so good, and so funny, that we just left it there. THIS is where the treasure was hidden, taped to this sign.

Several people who have contacted us said they thought they saw something, or just walked right past it- what a bummer. Thanks to those who played and congrats to the team that found the treasure!