We don’t mind saying that we are a fan of Strong Towns. I mean, who wouldn’t be a fan of something with that name? But more than the name is the mission, the underlying goal of sharing information that sounds like common sense but for many years has not been the accepted norm, the typical city growth model or the way things were done. As more and more cities and towns around the country face crises in their infrastructure and revenues, we are happy that several smart groups have cropped up to ask why that is, and what can we do to reverse it? Recently, Strong Towns founder Charles Marohn asked Downtown Development Authority director Liz Swaine to join him on a free-wheeling podcast about downtown Shreveport. I hope you like it, and even more, I hope it gives you some food for thought about where we are now and what’s ahead. We’re a pretty cool place, ya’ll, and it’s time we acted like it.

Strong Towns Podcast with Liz Swaine- Boot Strapping Downtown Shreveport