The Department of Water and Sewerage (DOWAS) has good news about two downtown detours. The work being done in the 500 block of Edwards Street should be completed by Friday, Sept. 18, and the road reopened.

500 Block of Edwards St. between Milam St. and Texas St.

A large sewer line runs down the alley perpendicular to Edwards and that line is apparently broken, spilling raw sewerage into underground SWEPCO vaults. The contractor was able to keep the loading/unloading dock alley between Regions Tower and the garage open.

Meanwhile, the sewer line work in the 100 block of Milam should be completed by Friday, Sept. 18 as well, but the work to repair the roadway will take some time longer. There is no firm estimate on this street reopening, but DOWAS says they should have a better handle on it by Sept. 18.

100 block of Milam St. between Clyde Fant Parkway & Spring St.

This is a long-simmering doozy of a job, made all the more difficult because of the intersection and train tracks. We do know that even though this is an inconvenience, the businesses nearby are THRILLED to finally have this sewer line repaired.