Urgentems at 201 Market Street (just across from the Convention Center garage) is doing On Demand Covid for Travel tests (if you must have a test prior to getting on a plane, traveling to another country, etc.). You can drive up and get the test; turnaround on results is about 14 hours. They are also still giving the Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody treatments, which are still very effective in preventing the worsening of the Delta Covid variant and could also help with Omicron.

City Covid-related updates include mandatory masking at all city-owned buildings in Shreveport, and beginning today (Dec. 30), SporTran will restrict the number of persons allowed on public transit buses (17 persons on the large buses, 10 on the smaller ones) to provide for social distancing. This will remain in effect until it does not. Masks are also required on buses and at the SporTran terminal on Murphy Street.

State Covid Updates. In an online press conference, Louisiana Governor John Bel-Edwards showed details of a 268% increase in the number of hospitalizations due to Covid in the state, 80% of which were unvaccinated persons.