Downtown Shreveport is now home to an urgent care and telehealth facility called UrgentEMS located in American Tower, 401 Market Street, Suite 901. Dr. Tiffany Najberg is the Director of Emergency Products and Services and has been working hand in hand with founder Matthew Lottinger to bring the business to fruition.

In addition to the walk-in clinic at 401 Market,  UrgentEMS is developing a daily use telemedicine platform that will connect dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and physicians through a telemedicine platform that will be available at all times to provide hands on services, point of care lab collection, or transport of the patient.

The infusion room.

UrgentEMS just opened their doors to the public on June 7, but are ready for patients with multiple patient exam rooms. An infusion room will provide hydration services for persons who need additional pep after illness, working long hours or dehydration. Each of the rooms offers a different calming theme in addition to beautiful view of downtown Shreveport.

Additional services include lifestyle and dietary management, lab work at your convenience, chronic disease management, and other offerings. Lottinger and Dr. Najberg tell the DDA that their goal is to expand to additional square footage in American Tower to provide an even wider range of services and health options. See more of what they offer, here.