Free Artwalk shuttle!

The Downtown Shreveport Artwalk is BACK on Friday, November 4 and we have a night of fun planned for you! Noble Savage Tavern will be hosting a fun pre- and post-Artwalk food & drink special, and live music will kick off at 8 pm. You’ll be able to pick up the FREE iShuttle Artwalk bus and walk/ride to 12 different arty locations!

The Noble Savage, 417 Texas St. || 5 pm- 2 am
Half price on all ‘shareables’ to Artwalkers, 4-9 pm! This includes Crispy Brussels, Queso with Wonton Chips, Fried Garlic Cheese Curds, Deviled Eggs, and Wings! Drink specials will include $4 wine and $5 well cocktails and an “artsy” specialty cocktail for that night only created by one of their mixologists. Remember that TNS also has live music by Keep Happy starting at 8 pm and rolling until late.

Andress Artist and Entrepreneur Center, 717 Crockett St. -First Friday Gratitude Gala || 5pm-9 pm
Guest Artists: Annamarie Fausto CowartTaylor Griffin, Felicite Ross, 
SweetsByDavenport, HannahHarmonyDesigns, Oh So Dope Photography, Wreathing Havoc La, Kimyummy’s, LLC, Ammabammashammalamma, and Care By Micki.
Resident Artists at the Andress: Clean Slate Botanicals/Ben’s Body Basics, LionArt Creations, Andre Weatherly, Wet Paint Arts, Aline Donnelly, Charmel’s Creative Corner, RNL Authentics, Greetings Gallery.

Shreve Towne Barber Shop, 514 Crockett St. || 5-8 pm
Guest Artists: Tracey Prator, Caslin Marie and Tracy Coney. Also, honey from Hummer’s Honey!

New Construction at 427/429 Crockett || 5-8 pm
YOU’LL BE THE FIRST to hear about the new restaurant going in this space! Come meet the owner and find out the scoop about what’s in store! The restaurant is just one part of a two-building reno that includes new apartments, and cool commercial space at the City Center Lofts!
Guest Artists: Dawn AshYolanda Barnes ART, Icandy JewelsOriginals, Mila Paige Jewelry & Maggie Molisee.

Big Sun Studios, 619 Edwards St. || 5-8 pm
Big Sun Studios is pleased to share the first-ever exhibit of local artist Julie Miller. Julie is the mother of artist Michael Miller, proving that amazing artistic talent DOES run in families!

SELFIE Stop, Mural in Progress at 323 Crockett St. || All Night
Muralists Ben & Linda Moss, KaDavien Baylor, Whitney Tates, and Lindsey Simpson are currently working on their ‘Welcome to Shreveport’ mural that is due to be completed in mid-November. Be sure to take a photo so that you will have the ‘before and after.’

Lee Hardware Gallery, 619 Edwards St. || 5-8 pm
Lee Hardware/United Jewelers are both century old buildings that were just recently improved and updated to the tune of close to $8m! The gallery space is a beautiful part of an even more beautiful historic building.
Guest Artists: Nicola Medley BallardTobby Smith, Connie Helaire EatonKaren Yoder DayDebbie Arbs Rickards.

Cotton St. Farms, 406 Cotton St. (Enter off the alley across from the Lee Hardware Gallery) || 5-8 pm
See the area’s only hydroponic farm, and talk to owner Michael Billings about all the things he grows and sells there!
Guest Artist: Mars Sanders, who makes glass plants comes to life!

The Agora Borealis, 421 Lake St. || 5-8 pm.
Guest Artists: Jaime Cantrell, Hillary Fraizer, Erica Garcia, Lydia Craft, Blaine Banghart-Broussard. These artists are part of the ‘Relocating Hope’ Exhibit that is currently hanging.
In addition, The Agora Borealis is filled with one-of-a-kind artist made items from jewelry to wood work to home decor and pottery!

Sanctuary Glass Studio, 421 Lake St. || 5-8 pm
See red hot liquid glass being made into beautiful items. Sanctuary Glass artists will be hosting demonstrations and answering questions all night. Also, there will be sales on many of the in-store glass items.

High Gravity Glassworks, 1200 Marshall St. || 5-8 pm
Glass artist Michelle Pennington will be in her studio showing you the fine art (and science) of making art from glass. Feel the heat as you watch her open the furnace to manipulate the shape of glass. While there, register to WIN an opportunity to make your OWN glass Christmas ornament. One lucky winner will be drawn from the names submitted only at High Gravity Glassworks the night of the Artwalk!

The Korner Lounge, 800 Louisiana Ave. || 5 pm- 2 am- ‘Glimmer & Glimpse’ Exhibit.
See the works of Bailey Harris/SeizeTheSubsea. The reception for the exhibit is planned for Nov. 10.

Story from June, 2022-

The Downtown Artwalk RETURNS Friday, June 3, 5-8 pm, and it’s going to be epic.  The event will take you from stem to stern starting on historic Texas Avenue and moving down Texas Street to end at the very first GLO Fest at the Bakowski Bridge of Lights on the Shreveport riverfront.

At Minicine?, 846 Texas Avenue, stop and experience FIELDS. Fields explores the cyclical relationship between humans and earth, and the interplay between what is natural contrasted with what is manufactured. Mixed media artists include Allison West, britt maddox, Helen Richard and Kendall DeShea with a special installation by Glitter Reef Collective.

From there, walk to the Lofts at 624, 624 Texas Street, for a very special exhibit of art by Talented Arts Program (TAP) students at Caddo Magnet High School. TAP  is a state-wide accelerated arts program in the areas of visual art, music (vocal and instrumental), and drama. Students must test into the program to participate, so these students are the best of the best!

Painting by Emma Jackson, junior at Caddo Magnet High School.

Artwork on display will showcase a variety of mediums such as oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, printmaking, and much more. The TAP-Visual Art program gives students opportunities to explore topics that are personal while challenging to them in the classroom.

Artists will also include: Hannah Kent, ICandy Jewels, Syreeta Johnson, Caslin Marie, Betsy Levels and Tobby Smith. While in the Lofts, see all the cute items for sale at Appli-K’s Embroidery and Gifts.

Enjoy a first shop event at Refine Design, 616 Texas Street!

Refine Design, 616 Texas Street, is next! This new retail space on Texas features a variety of upscale stalls selling everything from lotions to home goods. Artwalkers will be invited in for a very special pre-opening sneak peek & shop! While there, meet candle artist Barbara Burton-Coleman of Healing Waters Candles and do some shopping! This will also be the location of the colorful, beautiful works of Yolanda Barnes.

Pop N Pizza, 500 Texas St. Great food and ART inside!

The 500 block of Texas includes two fun stops (and food and beverage options, too)! Pop n Pizza at 500 Texas St. welcomes you with pizza, stuffed cheese sticks and more and artists Nicola Ballard and Jessica Horn. Just outside, Andronicus Scott and his dance troupe will be entertaining passersby with street dance that he has made all his own.

Andronicus and Larry ‘Sy-Fy’ Wallace go all over sharing their special streetdance creations.

PS- if the spirit moves you, jump right in and dance, too! All that movement might make you thirsty and we have that covered, too. Kira and Sierra at Cookie B’s will be given artwalkers 20% off on all drinks, including their energy explosion, health boosters,  fruit and veg smoothies and coffees!

Your next Artwalk stop will be Cookie B’s Smoothies & More, 431 Texas St.

Cookie B’s Smoothies and More, 431 Texas St., is just across the street with energy-boosting teas, coffee drinks and delicious smoothies along with artists Deborah Fausto, Adam King, Aidan McFarland, ML Dumars and Maggie Molisee.

Cookie B’s is also the location for our fun History in 5 history talk at 6:40 pm and Sketch the City with architect Mischa Farrell just after! History in 5 and Sketch the City are free to all!

Bailey Gallery, 214 Texas St., home to Hoover Watercolor Society Exhibit and multiple additional artists!

Bailey Gallery, 214 Texas Street, will have the wonderful Hoover Watercolor Society 64th Annual Spring Exhibit on the walls and artists Felicite Ross, Debbie Arbs Rickards, Tilley Sullivan, Judith Sutton, Angel Leonard,  & Desiree Socol!

Your walk will wind up at RiverView Park and GloFest on the Shreveport Riverfront!

GloFest will be you opportunity to see the beautiful Bakowski Bridge of Lights in action! Starting at 9 pm, the bridge will dance and lightup the night sky with a specially-curated light and sound show. Enjoy food trucks, vendors and music while there! The event starts at 7 and goes until 10 pm.

One of Taffie Garsee’s recent works.

A special post-party featuring the works of Taffie Garsee will be held at Korner Lounge, 800 Louisiana Ave. Garsee, a former Critical Mass winner, is an amazing painter whose works run the gamut of sublime to hilarious. Come by for great drinks and even greater art! (21 and older only, please).

Stay updated on this page or right here! More details are coming soon.

Story from March 8, 2022

The Crockett Street corridor was filled with friends and family on Friday, March 4, for the first Artwalk of 2022. Our ‘Crockett Street Stroll’ included 10 stops that started with Minicine? on Texas Avenue and wound around to the Agora Borealis and Sanctuary Glass Studio on Lake Street. Each location had art, music, demonstrations, tours and exhibits but we’re going to focus on just a few of the smiling faces that lit up our night! Remember, our next artwalk is Friday, June 3, 5-8 pm. Be on the lookout for details coming soon!

Our Thanks to Jack Allen of Cupio Media for snapping these amazing photos.

Downtown Shreveport Artwalk Map:

Downtown Artwalk returns Friday, March 4 with a Crockett Street Stroll! From 5 until 8-ish (and beyond, in some places), Crockett Street will be alive with art, music, food, exhibits, history, and the opportunity to purchase needful things. The Korner Lounge at 800 Louisiana Ave. will be hosting a ‘Post Artwalk’ Exhibit and Reception from 8 pm- 9:30 pm for James Mark’s new work, Stay afterwards for beverages and chat!
Your Artwalk stroll of Crockett Street and environs will feature art, food, demonstrations, exhibits, beverages, tours, history and selfie stops.
The event is free to attend and a family-friendly way to enjoy downtown.

Artwalk Stops Include:

Central ARTstation, 801 Crockett St., will feature an exhibit of their 2022 Collectible Artists, which include: Erica Branch, Ellen Soffer, Michael Torma, Jennifer Hendry, Hooshang Koorasani, LiSandra DiLiberto, Eric Hess and literary artists ML Dumars and Julie Kane, who will be performing poetry and book readings throughout the evening.


The Andress Artist and Entrepreneur Center, 717 Crockett St., will open the doors to its artist creativity space with artists Whitney Tates, Kalandra Jones, Charmel Lester, LionArt Creations, Art by Andre Weatherly, Art by Aline Donnelly, Healing Waters Candles & Karing Touch Soaps.  Other artists in the main gallery space will include: Yolanda Barnes, Aidan McFarland, Debbie Arbs Rickards, Judith Sutton, Caslin Marie,  Casie Howell/Victoria Perry and Dawn Ash.

At 6:30 pm, Lee Ann Monat of LionArt Creations will be hosting a preview of Herbal Medicines in Your Pantry. Did you know that spices, herbs and foods you already have in your kitchen or garden can be used as remedies for common ailments?

The Southern Belle Apartments’ rooftop beckons as a perfect Selfie Spot! You’re invited to pop up during your stroll and snap some pix from ‘on high’ at 627 Crockett St.

Another beautiful Selfie Spot is in front of the grand Strand Theatre, ‘The’ state theater of Louisiana. Admire this beautiful 1923 building while you are taking a photo.


Be prepared to encounter the Ministry of Silly Walks in the 500 Block of Crockett Street. Do your best to follow the Silly Walk requirements!


514 Crockett St., the ShreveTowne Barber Shop, will be the location for art & artists including Back Porch Gypsy Tracey Prator, Maggie Molisee and Flerken Works Crafts.

River City Bros. will be dancing on the street outside. Feel free to join them!

The Lot, 400 Crockett Street, will be ‘Food Central’ with a variety of food trucks and a full bar inside. Food Trucks will include No Teeth Meat BBQ, Taco Joe, Boba Express, The Lot’s Food Truck (and maybe more). We’ll also have live music by The Joanitones starting at 5:30 pm (and nice inside bathrooms)! Don’t forget to go inside for the exhibit by artist Jessica Horne who will also be set up with other pieces of her art.

Other artists at The Lot include: Gene Mosley, Adam King, Christina Moseley Pinckard, Betsy Levels, Jaylin Monroe, Nicola Medley Ballard,  & Tilley Sullivan

Food trucks, live music and artists at The Lot.


Big Sun Studios just across from The Lot at 619 Edwards St. will have the opening of their new exhibit, ‘Opposites Abstract’ The Lens of Neil Johnson.

Wonder how things grow without soil or sun? Our area’s only hydroponic farm will be open to show you! Cotton St. Farms at 406 Cotton will be open for show, tell and sale. While there, get a cup of delicious Special Reserve Roasting Co. coffee, the delicious brand sold by the bagful at CSF!

See the beautifully rehabbed space at Lee Hardware Apartments, 719 Edwards St. The artist gallery along Edwards Street will be filled with artwalk artists that include: Linda Moss, Connie Helaire Eaton, Marsadez Allen, Art Nerio & Hannah Kent. The Atrium of the building will also be the location for HISTORY IN FIVE at 7 pm, and SKETCH THE CITY with Mischa Farrell at 7:20 pm. TOUR the beautiful new Lee Hardware Apartments on Artwalk night! Tours will happen every 15 minutes starting at 5:45 pm until 7:15. Meet in the Gallery on Edwards Street to stage for the next tour!


Not only is the art at the Artwalk great, the “cute quotient” is always HIGH.

Don’t forget the twin Selfie Spots in the 700 block of Marshall St. Come inside the fence to shoot yourself with a backdrop from an Italian countryside. Once in A Millennium Moon is right across the street!


The Agora Borealis Arts Marketplace will be open for Artwalkers at 421 Lake St., and the adjacent Sanctuary Glass Studio will feature live demonstrations, a glass art sale and a photography exhibition by Parkman Bailey.


Sanctuary Glass Studio, 421 Lake St.


After your walking, take a load off at The Korner Lounge, 800 Louisiana Ave., purveyor of fine adult beverages. March 4 is also the opening reception for James Mark’s new exhibit


Downtown Shreveport Artwalk Map:

There is parking up and down the route. Artwalk is free and open to everyone, and after Artwalk, plan to hang around for additional fun downtown!