We know that you are looking for things to do that provide proper social distancing. We have just the thing! Our Downtown Scavenger Hunt is a perfect driving, walking or biking outing for you or you and your family.

As with all scavenger hunts, there are things that you must ‘gather’. Once gathered, you can email your ‘finds’ to be entered into our weekly drawings!

It’s simple. Once you ‘find’ an item, take a selfie with the building/item in the background. This can be done from your car, on foot, or virtually while you are sitting in front of your computer.  Once you have completed the assigned tasks, send me an email.  You can email me your selfies or post them on your Facebook page (make them public so I can see them) or both, up to you, I just need an email telling me where they are.

Ready? Let’s go! (Remember, we need photos or it didn’t happen.)

  1. Once the site of a beautiful Victorian mansion, the banker owner and his generous family donated their property so that a haven for health and exercise could be built on the site. What building is this?

2.  My name is J.A.L. Waddell and I love Latin and mustaches almost as much as bridges of my own design. One of my namesakes still resides in downtown Shreveport, and it is one of only two. What is it?

3. A prankster added another amenity in downtown Shreveport although we would truly love to be home to the Zombie Hall of Fame. While we munch on brains, we can still hope that one day our dream will come true. Where is this sign located?

4. At a time when life expectancy was low, an 83-year old started work on a downtown building that became the tallest in the state, a record it held for a time. The former owner would appreciate that the ground floor now sells healthful energy teas that cater to his former courthouse crowd. Where Am I?

5. The King played here, as did many of the king’s men. It is one of the places where Elvis left the building, but came back again, to appear on a famous radio show that makes you think of straw. Where is this?

Photo by Kathryn Usher

6. He’s a good boy, although a little big for his age. This Dalmatian dog sits waiting for his master adjacent to a former fire station, now an edifice for art. What is this pooch’s name?

7. One of the oldest buildings downtown, it served as many things including a bank and a bar. It is said to have its own ‘friendly’ ghost. This building is nearly as old as some of the things it now exhibits inside. What is the building used for now?

8. First a customs house and then a post office, this main street building has been a center of activity for years. It now serves as a repository for words. What it is known as now?

9. A gift to the community in the year 2000, this amazing art takes up two sides of the AT&T building downtown. Each person and piece represented here is local, painstakingly painted on fabric and then attached to the building. What is the name of this mural?

9.  There was -at one time- a large body of water in downtown called Silver Lake. Several things still bear that name, including the street this building sits on. Now a gathering place for art and artists, this marketplace pays homage to Greece. What is the name of the business here? 

That’s it, congratulations! Remember to send me an email with your answers and selfies or post them on your Facebook page (public, please) and send me an email so I can take a look. Winners will be announced each week.