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Twenty Days of Winning with Parkmobile Parking App!

Starting July 10, Parkmobile, the City of Shreveport and ShrevePark will be hosting Twenty Days of Winning. It’s free to participate and super easy—all you have to do is use your Parkmobile app for a parking session downtown! What? That’s all? Yep, it’s that simple. Four days a week for five weeks, we will be choosing a random lucky winner from the list of people who used the parking app the day before. (On Tuesday, we will choose one who used the app on Monday and so on.) We will call you and let you know that you have...

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May Downtown Artwalk!

April showers bring May flowers (and more showers) and the May Artwalk! Our fun monthly art event takes to the streets in the 200 blocks of Texas, Travis and the Red River District on Wednesday, May 3 Thursday, May 4 (rescheduled due to 100% chance of rain on Wednesday!) from 5-8 with new stops and even more fun. NEW stops will include the fabulous deck at HAZE on Texas (204 Texas St) and the courtyard at Straycat (222 Travis St.). HAZE will have a special food menu and drink specials for all artwalkers. Favorites Norsworthy Gallery, 214 Texas, Bon Temps Coffee...

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Downtown’s Bridge to History

    HGTV fans will remember a show called ‘If Walls Could Talk’ that focused on fun facts buried beneath the sheet rock of homes across the country. It was always interesting to see what weird things homeowners had unearthed and even more entertaining to hear the homeowners’ reactions to these bits of history. As I walk through downtown Shreveport each day, I also wish walls and spaces could talk because, oh, the hair-raising and scandalous tales they could tell!  History, lore and legend is everywhere downtown but a fairly significant number of stories that you might classify as tall tales are true. Take for example the story of J.A.L. Waddell, civil engineer and prolific bridge builder of the late 1800- and early 1900s, owner of a remarkable Walrus mustache and even more remarkable forehead curls. Waddell was born in Canada, traveled extensively, spoke and wrote Latin, and authored the definitive book on bridge building. From his photos, it appears he loved wine, good food and mustache wax, and enough documents remain to prove he may have loved bridges and bridge building more than anything else. Most of his life was spent in Kansas City, Missouri and it is quite likely that he never came through Shreveport, yet we have something that connects us to him in a very personal way. We have a bridge designed by him, a mostly...

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Information on Tax Millage Adjustment

The work of the Downtown Development Authority is largely funded by a small ad valorem or property tax of 8.64 mills levied on properties within the area called the Downtown Development District. Every four years, parish tax assessors do what is called a ‘reassessment’ in which they determine whether values have gone up or down. The tax rate is based on that assessment. Each year in late summer as DDA staff begins preparing the budget for the upcoming year, they contact the tax assessors in Caddo and Bossier Parishes and the City of Shreveport Finance Director to determine the best estimate of what that ad valorem number is expected to be. This number is the basis of the DDA budget. In 2016 while preparing the budget, the City of Shreveport and the DDA were told that the assessed value of properties within the City had increased. Accordingly, the adjusted DDA millages was decreased from 8.640 to 8.550 mills. Here’s why. Even though the millage went down, the values went up- meaning  the same amount of budgetary dollars would have been collected. Unfortunately, that turned out to be incorrect and very surprising.  In November 2016, when the City received the actual tax rolls the assessed values of property within the bounds of the Shreveport Downtown Development District had actually decreased, rather than increased as the City was initially informed in...

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