Street/Sidewalk Vendors are allowed in downtown Shreveport provided they meet certain criteria established by City of Shreveport Ordinance.

The application process is governed by the Sidewalk Vendor Committee that has established guidelines to ensure continuity, public safety, and cleanliness.

Applicants must complete the application and meet all requirements/specifications stated in the application. For questions regarding required documentation and location selection, contact the DDA office at (318) 222-7403.

Food Truck permits are not handled by this office.  Per city ordinance, a food truck vendor’s license is issued by the City’s Director of Finance.  You may contact the City of Shreveport Revenue Division at 318-673-5585 for additional information.


Street Vendor Documentation

Quick Summary of City Ordinance No. 155 of 1998

Ordinance No. 155 of 1998 Amends Article IX of Chapter 42 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Shreveport relative to Peddlers, Solicitors, Itinerant Vendors and Sidewalk Vendors.

Sidewalk Vendor means any person, firm or corporation,
including its agents and employees, which engages in the
business in the city of selling or offering for sale any goods
or merchandise or exhibiting the same for sale or for the
purpose of taking orders for the sale thereof on the sidewalks
of the city. It shall also include persons engaging in performing
arts on the sidewalks of the city in return for money where
staging or electrical amplification is used. It shall not include
the placing and maintenance of unattended stands or sales
devices for the sale, display or offering for sale of newspapers,
magazines, periodicals, and paperbound books.

The intent of the Council in enacting this Ordinance

(1) To serve and protect the health, safety and welfare
of the general public;
(2) To establish a uniform set of rules and regulations
that are fair and equitable;
(3) To develop a vending system that will enhance the
overall appearance and environment along public
streets and pedestrian ways in the B-4 district;
(4) To provide economic development opportunities to
small entrepreneurs in the City; and
(5) To promote stable vendors who will enrich the City’s
ambiance and be assets to public security.

Schedule and License Fees

(1) 30 days — $20

(2) 60 days — $40

(3) 90 days — $60

(4) 180 days– $75

(5) One Year- $100