About DSDC

DSDC is a private, non-profit corporation formed to promote business growth in the Downtown Development District.  The Board of Directors is composed of business and property owners and key stakeholders in the downtown area.  DSDC operates a low-interest loan program and helps manage the First United Methodist Church parking lots. Over the years, DSDC has funded key historic rehab projects including the conversion of the old Ivan Smith Furniture store into artspace (708 Texas), the creation of Robinson Film Center (617 Texas), and the adaptive reuse of 416 Cotton (the DDA building) and others. They are currently working on the former Dee’s Photo building at 220 Texas Street. In addition, DSDC has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to downtown facade grants, structural and repair grants and small business and development grants.

What We Do

Mission Statement

Downtown Shreveport Development Corporation (DSDC) exists to stimulate the revitalization of downtown Shreveport through initiatives that enhance business growth, strengthen arts & culture, promote residential development, and preserve downtown’s unique inventory of historic properties. Recognizing that our broad range of architectural styles is a major asset for downtown Shreveport, DSDC seeks to initiate and support creative ventures and adaptive redevelopment efforts that enhance public awareness and utilization of this inventory.

DSDC2, Inc.

DSDC2, Inc. is a private not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation created in 1998 to help stop blight in the Downtown Development District by encouraging the re-use of abandoned and deteriorating properties within the district for residential and commercial use by initiating public-private partnerships.

Downtown Parking

FUMC/Common Street Parking Lot – As part of a continued effort to enhance the West Edge Arts District, DSDC2, Inc. partnered with First United Methodist Church (FUMC) in the redevelopment of the church’s property at the head of Texas Street.  DSDC2, Inc. invested $100,000 to help develop the lot and ShrevePark Parking Services provides daily oversight.  The lot is adjacent to Texas Street, Milam, and Common, the 115-space surface parking lot accommodates monthly and hourly parkers.  Monthly: $45.  Daily: $4.  Call 318-222-7403 for more information.

Loans and Grants

Low Interest Loan Program – DSDC operates a low-interest revolving loan program to encourage business growth in downtown Shreveport.  Loan rates are currently at 2.79% up to a maximum of $100,000 for 10 years.  Targeted uses for the loan program are façade restoration, residential development, roof repair / replacement, sidewalk improvements, sign repair / replacement / creation, special equipment, and landscaping.  Targeted businesses include retail stores, antique galleries, art galleries, office renovations in historic buildings, and single/multifamily residential developments.  Call (318) 222-7403 for information.

Historic Building Renovation Projects

Lee Hardware & United Jewelers – DSDC2, Inc. is the co-general partner with Historic Restoration, Inc. in the 109 unit Lee Hardware and United Jeweler apartment project. The buildings opened in 199 with 54 market-rate apartments and 55 below-market rate artist live/work units. Total project cost was $9.85 million. The City of Shreveport participated substantially with a HUD 108 loan.

Robinson Film Center – DSDC2, Inc. purchased and renovated a deteriorated property at 617-619 Texas Street. The DSDC2 investment of $350,000 was combined with $550,000 from DDA to stabilize and partially renovate the building. DSDC2 partnered with Robinson Film Center to provide a home for the Center. Robinson’s mission is to provide a venue for independent, international, and classic cinema while serving as a resource for film production and media education. In addition to daily film programming, film and media production classes are offered for all ages. The Center also provides a variety of resources and facilities to the region’s burgeoning film industry.

DSDC Staff

Liz Swaine – Executive Director
Janie Landry – Deputy Director
Stacie Leng – Bookkeeper / Graphic Design
Peggy Hellyer – Graphic Designer and Office Assistant

2022 DSDC & DSDC2 Board of Directors

Newt Dorsett – President
(Remington Suite Hotel & Spa)

Kevin Bryan – Vice President
(Kevin Bryan Architects)

Leah Feldt – Secretary
(Home Federal Bank)

Larry Laborde
(Silver Trading Company)

Conway Link
(LaSIP Site Coordinator, Centenary)

Jeri Little
(Little Realty)

Greg Lott
(Progressive Bank)

Kathleen Malone
(Caddo Management, Inc.)

Jim Malsch
(JRM Ventures)

Don Razinsky
(GraphX Digital Service, LLC)