*Programs administered by the State of Louisiana are Subject to change. To find out more, please go to: Incentives or Small Business

DDA & DSDC Incentives

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) offers $150 programming mini-grants to organizations or individuals organizing events held in the Downtown District.  The goal of the grant is to encourage festivals and events in downtown Shreveport. It is not available to events that are fundraisers, political gatherings or events which are not open to the general public. Events that are free to the general public will be given preference, as will those events that attract a diverse range of participation and promote downtown building sales, business  and job creation in Downtown Shreveport.

DSDC is committed to assisting in the revitalization of downtown Shreveport. One of the ways we can help is through our low-interest loan program. This financial incentive is designed to provide rehabilitation funds to property owners and small businesses interested in renovating downtown’s older buildings.

  • DSDC Facade Rebate Program – PROGRAM SUSPENDED

DSDC works to encourage renovation through its matching dollar for dollar rehabilitation program. Property owners can apply for a reimbursement grant of a percentage of their qualified facade improvement costs. DSDC is not accepting applications for this program at this time.

  • Performance Code Partnership

DDA, in partnership with the City of Shreveport, the State Fire Marshal and others has created a process intended to save building owners both time and money. Prior to drawing plans, we request that the property owner meet with our performance code team for a preliminary review to talk through plans for- and eventual usage of- the building. This Preliminary Review  will assist in identifying potential areas of concern/expense and will allow early discussion on building code and fire safety options. This is an especially important discussion if you are the owner of a historic downtown building that could fall under Historic Rehabilitation building and fire safety codes.

City of Shreveport Development Incentives

In an effort to re-develop and beautify the Shreveport downtown and riverfront areas, the City of Shreveport has waived all permit fees incidental to the rehabilitation or renovation including any repairs, alterations, or additions of buildings and structures located within the Downtown Development District (DDD). Qualifying buildings and structures must have been constructed prior to 1960. This waiver applies only to the Downtown Development District and does not exempt the applicant from obtaining all required permits, approvals, plans review, and inspections as required by applicable provisions of the Shreveport City Code.

The Economic Development Initiative (EDI) Loan Program assists eligible businesses with funding up to $300,000 for acquisition, new construction, equipment and/or working capital financing. The main goal of the EDI Loan Program is to increase access to capital and credit for businesses and entrepreneurs, and to provide employment and business opportunities for individuals from low-to-moderate income households.

The City of Shreveport has received a Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The Grant is to offer low interest loans to help remediate contaminated properties in Shreveport.

LA Economic Development Incentives

The Digital Interactive Media and Software Incentive provides a tax credit of 25% of qualified production expenditures for state-certified digital interactive productions in Louisiana and 35% tax credit for payroll expenditures for Louisiana residents.

A 30% transferable tax credit on total in-state expenditures, including resident and non-resident labor, with no cap and a minimum spending requirement of $300,000. For productions using in-state labor, Louisiana offers an additional 5% payroll tax credit.

A 25% to 35% tax incentive for musical and theatrical productions and qualified infrastructure projects.

A 25% tax credit for sound recording projects made in the State of Louisiana.

One of the nation’s best state workforce training programs.  Provides customized employee recruitment, screening, training development and training delivery for eligible, new or expanding companies – all at no cost.

Provides a 35% tax credit on investments by accredited investors who invest in businesses certified by Louisiana Economic Development.

A jobs incentive program that provides Louisiana income and franchise tax credits to a new or existing business located in Louisiana creating permanent net new full-time jobs, and hiring at least 35% of those net new jobs from one of four targeted groups.

Provides a cash rebate to companies that create well-paid jobs and promote economic development.

Abates, up to ten years, local property taxes (Ad Valorem) on a manufacturer’s new investment and annual capitalized additions related to the manufacturing site.

Provides a one-time refundable tax credit of up to 5% of qualified capital expenditures for existing Louisiana manufacturers making at least $5 million in improvements to an existing Louisiana manufacturing facility.

The Ports of Louisiana Investor Tax Credits Program is a tax incentive program to promote investment and use of Louisiana ports.

Provides five-year abatement of the ad valorem property taxes on the renovations and improvements of existing commercial structures and owner-occupied residences.

Provides up to a 40% tax credit on qualified research expenditures incurred in Louisiana.

Provides a 40% refundable tax credit for companies that invest in the commercialization of Louisiana technology and a 6% payroll rebate for the creation of new, direct jobs.

LA Office of Cultural Development Incentives

The Louisiana Cultural Districts Program was created to spark community revitalization based on cultural activity though tax incentives.  The program initially waived sales taxes on original art created in a cultural district, including paintings, drawings, photographs, video productions and wearable art, but that incentive has been suspended by the Louisiana Legislature at present. Contributing historic buildings in a Cultural District are also potentially eligible for state historic tax credits.

Available for properties certified as a historic building in the Downtown Shreveport Historic District or individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 20% credit is applicable to renovations and includes labor, materials and architects/engineers fees).

Available for properties in the Downtown Development District used for an income-producing purpose. The credit is calculated at up to 20% of the eligible renovation cost. Minimum eligible expenses must exceed $10,000. The tax is capped at $5 million per tax payer in a DDD. Tax credit can be carried forward for 5 years or sold to a third party. Rehabilitation must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

Freezes property taxes at the base level before improvements, renovations or additions are made for a period of five years with a renewal opportunity for an additional five years. The RTA can be used in combination with the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit and the State Historic Preservation Tax Credit.  Can be used for both commercial structures and owner-occupied, private homes.