The Street Performer Ordinance allows street performers to entertain pedestrians in specified locations in the Downtown Development District for non-solicited tips. Passing the hat or asking for money is not allowed. The performer will be allowed to have a box or musical case open to show that donations will be accepted, but those funds cannot be solicited.

• A Performance Permit will be required. The Permit is $30 and will be renewed and reviewed annually. Each member of the group will have his/her own permit.
• Performances may take place between 10am-10pm daily.
• Performers may perform at any of the approved locations on a first come first served basis, and may move from one location to another within the approved areas. Performers shall stay at least 50 feet from other performers, with the first performer at a location each day taking precedence on that day. Performers shall stay at least 50 feet away from any festival or outdoor event sanctioned by the City in Festival Plaza, Shreveport Common or any other downtown venue.
• Performances will be acoustic only ( no speakers or boom-boxes).
• Performers cannot block sidewalks or pedestrian passage.
• Mind your noise level. Performances should be thoughtful to those office workers and businesses nearby. Allowable noise levels are established by Article II, Division I of Chapter 58 of the City of Shreveport Code of Ordinances.

Performance Permits are issued for the Downtown Development District by the Downtown Development Authority. Further information is available at 318-222-7403 or at

Download the application HERE.