Downtown’s newest “uncommon” place is being designed as Shreveport’s first Cultural Community, an intimate 9-block urban Arts Community built on Authenticity, Community, Creativity and Sustainability


About Shreveport Common

Shreveport Common was conceived after a devastating fire destroyed the Shreveport Regional Arts Council’s (SRAC) headquarters on August 25, 2009. In the aftermath city, parish and state leaders independently affirmed the importance of the Arts to the region and committed to their future. Within days, the historic Central Fire Station was identified as the new headquarters for the Arts, housing SRAC’s administrative offices while serving the individual artists and arts organizations in a dramatic new way, a way that has the potential of changing the landscape of downtown Shreveport.


Read the Shreveport Common Market Assessment

click to enlargeShreveport Common is a 9-block art and culture district in the heart of the Downtown Development District, on the western edge of the Central Business District.

This exercise in Creative Placemaking  involved thousands who spoke their minds and listed their wants and desires at events and listening sessions. Along the way, it captured the attention and imagination of the National Endowment for the Arts, MIT, the Mayor’s Institute on City Design and cities around the country.

All of the partners in Shreveport Common strongly believed that this 9-block area of envisioned mixed income housing and mixed use buildings with a strong art and historical component was viable and would be successful. We knew that we needed to put it to the test with data that could be examined and quantified. We retained the highly-regarded TMG Consulting Firm from New Orleans to create a market analysis. They came to Shreveport, gathered data, experienced Shreveport Common, talked to bankers, developers, city and parish officials, building owners, residents, artists and others. We provided them with reams of documents and statistics, and then stood back to allow the numbers to tell the story. The following document is that story. The report is large and graphically-intensive, so we have broken it into sections for downloading and print purposes.

Overview & Executive Summary

Entire Document

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Read the Vision for the Shreveport Common Cultural District

Entire Document / pages 1-147     (PDF, 9MB)

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