This is a big and eventful year for Holy Trinity Catholic Church located at 315 Marshall Street in downtown Shreveport. The church is celebrating its 150th anniversary along with the special commemoration of the devastating Yellow Fever Epidemic in Shreveport. The church has also been designated a Minor Shrine of the Five Priests.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

This designation is significant. The Shrine shows that Holy Trinity is considered to be a place where divine grace is manifested in a very special way – a place where the human and divine world intersect. Such shrines also attract pilgrims from around the world.

The Five Priests.

For those of you unaware of the history of the five priests– the five were from the part of Europe known as Brittany. They worked to bring hope and solace during the Yellow Fever Epidemic, during which one-quarter of the citizens of Shreveport perished. Though given the opportunity to leave the area to escape the Yellow Fever, all opted to stay and they, too, died. Their service was highlighted in a documentary and two books and all have been put forward for canonization by the Roman Catholic Church.

Banners downtown commemorating Holy Trinity/Five Priests.

While driving through downtown Shreveport you will see banners commemorating the 150th anniversary of the church and the Five Priests. It is a special occasion, says Father Duane Trombetta of Holy Trinity.  “Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the 1873 Shreveport Yellow Fever Epidemic, Holy Trinity and the Downtown Development Authority have draped hundreds of banners showcasing the Five Priests Servants of God and our historic church on the lampposts of downtown. All who visit downtown for worship, work, study, and recreation, will spot the banners, and just in time for our designation of Minor Shrine of the Five Priests!”

You are invited to a series of upcoming events about the Five Priests at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. They include:

– Sept. 16 at 4 pm || Mass
-Sept. 16 at 5:15 pm || Symphony in Honor of Holy Trinity composed by Johnum Palado with movement dedicated to The Five Priests. This will include an all night vigil at the Shrine to Fathers Quemerais and Pierre at Holy Trinity.

Sept. 26 at 12 pm || Mass at Holy Trinity honoring Father Jean Marie Biler and Daughters of the Cross.

Oct. 8 at 10:30 am || Mass at Holy Trinity honoring the Death of Father Francois Le Vezouet with Bishop Francis Malone.

Oct.8 at 5:15 pm || “The Angels Gathered” symphony composed by Kermit Poling.

These events and others will be part of the Yellow Fever Commemoration which will also feature the unveiling of a memorial to those who died in the outbreak and a special ‘Merciful Frost’ Victorian Dinner celebrating the cold weather that ended the outbreak.

To see more about all the special events, click here.